REIVEW: Snowpiercer - ★★★★☆

★★★★☆ Dir: Bong Joon-ho (2013) This dystopian thriller from The Host’s Bong Joon-ho marks the South Korean directors first english language film among many others making the jump to the U.S of A over the last year or so.

REVIEW: Better Living Through Chemistry - A pretty bad trip…

★★☆☆☆ Dir: Geoff Moore & David Posamentier (2013) Sam Rockwell’s charming roguish personality is seriously wasted in this paint by numbers comedy in which a mild-mannered and neglected father and chemist finds a release on his boredom for life by starting an affair with a femme fatal (

REVIEW: The surprisingly good Grand Piano -

★★★★☆ Dir: Eugenio Mira (2013) Spanish director Eugenio Mira has pulled off this rather tidy piece of fluffy suspense incredibly well; Using it’s insane premise to showcase a wonderful technical brain for high tension film making and essentially producing an old-fashioned 90 minute chamber piece with nods to…

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