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Under The Skin

Our ★★★★★ REVIEW for Jonathan Glazer’s Remarkable Under The Skin


Dir: Jonathan Glazer


From the opening moment of this, Jonathan Glazer‘s third film, we are thrown head first into nothingness. A point of light grows, morphing darkly into a fading sun, a space ship, an eye. A voice is practicing, some kind of language comprehension test. It’s an introduction which is immediately throat grabbing. Where are we? Outer space? The eye blinks and just…

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REVIEW: Locke - Tom Hardy excels in Stephen Knight’s micro thriller…

Locke Tom Hardy

Dir: Steven Knight


The fabulous Tom Hardy gets every second of screen time to deliver a cool calm Richard Burton like Welsh drawl in this unconventionally tiny thriller from scripter turned director Steven Knight. Hardy is the Lockeof the film’s title and Ivan Locke is as strong and safe as his name suggests. A famed professional on the building sites which he works, he decides to…

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Now is a good a time as any to showcase the work of master sketcher Rich Kelly and his beautiful takes on some very classy film work. Free and easy but somehow also brilliantly complex, Kelly has a fine knack for creating striking images, never seem before from films seen many times. You can check out more of his work here and even buy some of it here. Follow Kelly on twitter too @TheRichKelly


Poster Art Feature: The Work of Rich Kelly @TheRichKelly Now is a good a time as any to showcase the work of master sketcher Rich Kelly and his beautiful takes on some very classy film work.

Bad Neighbors

REVIEW: Bad Neighbors - crude, disgusting and hillarious…


Dir: Nicholas Stoller


The charming and funny Seth Rogen stars alongside an equally loveable Rose Byrne in this nasty piece of frat house fun. Bad Neighbors (or just Neighbors if you like) is Animal House for a generation still trying desperately to shake the damage that the gross out comedy did with American Pie in the latter half of the 90s. Or more accurately, and perhaps more…

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Code Black

REVIEW: Code Black - A hospital Doc with bite…


Dir: Ryan McGarry


MD / Film-maker might not be a tag that one sees too often but Ryan McGarry‘s Code Black, a brisk dissection of Los Angeles County Hospital’s most vital room and it’s thought process, wins mostly because of it’s behind the scenes knowledge. It’s also deftly and swiftly told. It somehow acts as a 81 minute grumble about America’s horrific medical system, a point…

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REVIEW: Oculus - A great, interesting, low budget horror picture…


Dir: Mike Flanagan


After the dirty, low-budget and fairly great Absentia, Mike Flanagan expands on his short film Oculus to create a great little horror film which does contain many familiar elements but succeeds brilliantly due to a fascinating dual time frame structure and some fast, clever scripting. The idea is a pilfering of classic 60s, 70s and 80s mainstream horror but the…

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REVIEW: Raze - Exploitation throwback can’t quite do it…


Dir: Josh C. Waller


Tarantino find, ex Xena stunt double and all round ass kicking Kiwi Zoë Bell stars in this exploitation throw back effort which finds us trapped with 50 imprisoned women, forced to fight to the death in order to save their families. There’s really not much more than that to Razewhich is an incredible shame considering the acidic battles raging ever stronger…

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Edge of Tomorrow

REVIEW. Edge of Tomorrow - Live. Die. Repeat.


Dir: Doug Liman


Tom Cruise continues on his mission to become the oldest action hero of recent memory with this dazzling, funny but ultimately empty science fiction flick. A hybrid of Groundhog Day and Starship Troopers, or Source Code and Aliens if you like, which charms us with a must-try-harder gaming mentally never before seen in an action film. Edge of Tomorrowtakes an…

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Sign Painters


Dir: Faythe Levine & Sam Macon


This sweet and simple documentary, made with affection and care by Faythe Levine & Sam Macon, uncovers the history and points to the future of a near lost American art form. The pair of artists/film makers delve deep into the geekery and pride inherent in every character of Sign Paintersas they find out why hand painted signs are perhaps the most…

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